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Project Margay

by Bobby Schulz

Project Margay

Ultra low power digital data logger

Margay Eagle Layout


Motivated my the goals of Elli Ronay at the University of Vanderbilt, she wanted to have a very compact data logger for monitoring stalagmite formation. Our previous loggers were very large to fit in her enclosure and had many features which she did not need. We helped her design a very early version of what became Project Margay. We looked at what features were most commonly needed, digital communication, occasional analog reading, and switching power for larger more powerful devices (in her case, a gas sensor with a heater coil). And of course on top of all of this, it needed to be low power, since if it needs a wad of ā€˜Dā€™ batteries to run, being compact matters not. Through careful selection of the power topology and components, this has become the lowest power logger we have ever produced, capable of running for multiple years off of a set of just 3 AA batteries!



In development/production


The Margay (Leopardus wiedii), is a small South American wild cat, weighing less than 5kg, but still a skilled and powerful hunter. Showing size is not an indicator for ability!