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Project Dyson

by Bobby Schulz

Project Dyson

Low cost multi-point solar radiation measurement

Dyson Eagle Layout


There are several systems out there for measuring solar radiation (like those made by Kipp and Zonen or Apogee), these units are calibrated and highly accurate, but also very expensive ($500 and up, most $1k+). Our goal was to make a system which could give some level of solar radiation measurement at a much lower price point. Early on we had very promising results using a single ambient light sensor module, but we felt we could do better, so Project Dyson combines the simplistic idea, with multiple points of sample (from UV to IR) by use of several light sensor modules and photodiodes. We feel this multi point system will allow for fairly accurate radiation measurement, at a much more palatable cost.



In development


Freeman J. Dyson, English-American physicist, mathematician, and generally fascinating person. Developed such physics and mathematical concepts as the Dyson Sphere, a Random Matrix, the Dyson’s Transformation.

Freeman Dyson